Mutation on Drug Sensitivity

Mutation impact on targeted cancer therapy

Mutation Prioritization

Evidence-based scoring system

Mutation Annotation

Comprehensive cancer mutation knowledgebase

mTCTScan is designed to analyze mutation-dependent response of targeted cancer drugs/compounds by integrating conclusion level of associatios from literatures and other public resources and cell line level evidence of associations from large-scale pharmacogenomics screens.

mTCTScan accepts cancer genomic profile and filters the mutation by different criteria, such as mutation genomic feature, known allele frequency and associated cancer type. It uses an evidence-based scoring strategy to prioritize the mutations associated with drug sensitivity.

mTCTScan provides comprehensive annotations of mutations, including recurrence rate (from TCGA, ICGC and COSMIC), disease relevance (ClinVar), functional predictions (nonsynonymous, splicing and non-coding functional prediction) and base-wise conservation.